Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's Count the Ways....

Tis basketball season. Basketball is on the brain at our house...especially for one little man who already has an athletic passion deep within.

When you think of a basketball game, you probably think of a wooden or outdoor court, 10 human players, hoops and nets, etc. Tyler has taken the game of basketball to a whole new level. This boy can see basketball in ANYTHING......well, almost anything. If there are enough pieces for two teams, he can make a basketball game out of them. Yesterday alone, we had 5 different types of basketball games that occurred at our house - only one of those being with our actual hoop.

I have captured some of the means by which the games occur.....
PlayDough Basketball
Note Orange Team vs. the Blue Team - I believe in this game, the orange team is his favorite color

Play Food Basketball
Note- Red team vs. Green team. This game occurs several times a day. Yesterday he informed me that the Ice Cream was not on the team, because the Ice Cream is a Volleyball coach. OK.
Mealtime Basketball

This is my least favorite!!! Doesn't matter what we have had to eat...when Tyler is finished eating, the leftover food on his plate becomes his basketball team. Here is the game with macoroni.

Those are just three of the teams that live in our house. There are many more. Yesterday, we also had PegBoard basketball, and regular old basketball in his hoop.

If there are CAN become a team!


Matt and Molly said...

So cute!!!! Love the pics!

Jana said...

What a cute smartie pants!!! Starting at a young age!

Mackenzie Anderson said...

I missed this one before - that is so funny! I especially like that the ice cream cone is the volleyball coach. Is it because it is taller?