Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy 1/31/08

The only reason that I am posting the following is because....I think that all of you Kahl blog readers are going to think this is soooo funny.

The video you are about to view, is an actual and true picture of our morning that started with similar impact at 6am. It has continued on to the current time of 8am. Also note, the Tyler you see in the video, is not consistent throughout the morning. Though, always at the same noise level, the mood changes from happy to sad in a matter of seconds, due to a lovely 102 fever. The Kenna you see in the video...she has been consistent, unchanging, etc. etc. etc.

Now for your viewing pleasure, we present - Happy 1/31/08 starring Tyler and Makenna Kahl
*****You may want to pause the music at the bottom of the blog page, before starting the video. (Sorry about how dark it really only need the sound anyway)****

As for me....I am just praying that I make it through the day without a severe headache. The combination of loud banging symbols and screaming/crying following me around each corner, has caused the development of some slight twinging in my head....I think it's an Advil kind of day!

Happy 1/31/08!!!!!


Matt and Molly said...

I am laughing outloud right now and can totally sympathize with you. My class has NOT had a good day. Bring on the Advil!

LauraJ said...

I think the dim lighting makes the effect even better - makes me feel like it is 6 am! I watched the video with my kids and I think Annie wanted to join in on the instruments. She kept saying, "Let's look at Tyler's webpage!"

Anyway, I hope your afternoon naps are long!

Kristi Marie Kahl said...

CALL ME...I am only 90 minutes away!! (I don't think I was the one to give Tyler the cymbals!!) Where is Aaron at 6 am???

Mackenzie Anderson said...

When I come to your house you can put those cymbals in my suitcase and I won't tell tyler...

missed you tonight!