Monday, January 28, 2008

The Joys of Winter

What a beautiful weekend! We HAD to play outside. Yesterday afternoon, we ventured to Inwood to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Kahl. While at their house, we enjoyed the great joys of winter....sledding, snowballs, snow angels, and snowmen!!!

The sledding proved to be quite the adventure. I wish that I had a movie of it, because my recap will not do it justice! But, here it goes:

Tyler was lovin' up his sledding time. Each time down the hill, his sled would stop about 15 feet shy of the electric fence going down into the pasture. UNTIL....Grandpa Don brought out the old orange sled. The sled....plain, simple, light-weight plastic...AND ORANGE...Tyler's favorite color. Tyler could not wait to take it down the hill. Grandpa Don gave him a send off, "5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - blast off," with a gigantic shove. Tyler flew down the hill, and PAST the 15 feet where he usually stops. Tyler's face - into the pasture fence (luckily not on). After the fence in face, Tyler quickly laid back on the sled....AND.....the whole sled with a laying Tyler, went UNDER the fence, and down into the pasture. Laying Tyler continued to accelerate down into the ravine and was now SCREAMING. I was laughing soooo hard (terrible mother), and Grandpa Don (the hero), was dashing down into the pasture to try to catch the rocketing orange sledder. Tyler eventually rolled off the sled, and Grandpa caught up to him.

We discovered Tyler's biggest fear as he was cruising down the pasture, was that the cows were going to eat him! That was the end of sledding! :)

Tyler recovered, and we moved on to snowballs, snow angels, and Tyler's first ever SnowMan, which he named the very original.....Frosty.

It was a fun-filled afternoon, for sure!

Tyler's First Snowman - Frosty

Tyler Scooping Snow with Great Grandpa Helmer - From beginning of January


Matt and Molly said...

Funny story! I can just imagine him flying down the hill! I'm impressed with how good you have been about blogging lately! You are motivating me. :)

LauraJ said...

Great update! Way to go on the blog updates - you rock! Sounds like you guys had a bit TOO much fun :)