Friday, June 5, 2009

Psalm 46:10

Be Still and Know that I am God...

How often do we actually take time to "be still", slow down, and rest in God's goodness? I know for us it is - rarely - especially with young kids. Life seems to constantly go go go, and we tend to go with it.

Then there was an opportunity presented to us to spend some time "being still" at the Moreau River Sanctuary, near Isabelle, SD. Amazing! We were blessed! We shared in an amazing weekend of "stillness" together with: four families, eight young kids, lots of hunting guns and fishing poles, too much food, one BEAUTIFUL Sanctuary, and one Amazing God.

There is something about being in the beauty of God's creation that brings renewal and reflection to my soul. And fellowship!

There are a lot of pictures below, but it will give you a peek into what the Sanctuary was all about:

The Sanctuary
Catching Toads

Poor Toad Got Held by Almost All the Kids

Playing Games

Playing with Rocks

Hangin' With Friends


Playing Baseball

All While Enjoying This View of God's Creation

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Anonymous said...

Sweet!! Looks fun - your kind of fun. Glad you were able to do that.