Friday, June 19, 2009

Asheville and Raleigh/Durham

Yesterday was another memory-making day. We enjoyed the day together just as our little family - exploring and having fun together. Our day looked like this:

Asheville, NC - Hotel
A Family Project, mapping out our travels and who we have stopped to visit. Yeah for Walgreens 1 hour photo. I electronically sent the pictures over to the Walgreens in Asheville, and we picked them up after we were done with dinner.

Asheville, NC - North Carolina Arboretum

We hiked 2.5 miles of mountain trails together, exploring, picking up walking sticks, finding treasures in God's creation. These trails link up with the Apalachian Trail...they were awesome. I think the kids are ready for the Boundary Waters... :)

Durham, NC - Duke University

What a campus! We think we have Tyler convinced to work hard enough to come here! HA HA! The definite highlight of the campus visit - was that all the athletic facilities were open, so we were able to go inside the basketball arena, football stadium, tennis facilities, etc. Pretty exciting!!!
And Aaron even got to shoot some baskets on the Duke's home court - close to the ultimate of excitments (the ultimate would be on the Hawkeye court)

Today, we meet up with the rest of the Kahl/Knobloch crew, and it's off to the beach. We're looking forward to another week of memory-making.

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Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a GREAT mom!!!! Looks fun.