Sunday, June 14, 2009

Party Pinkaliciously

Have you ever partied Pinkaliciously? Do you even know HOW to party Pinkaliciously??? We didn't either...until.......yesterday! After experiencing our first Pinkalicious Party extravanganza, we have developed a list of 6 key components to enjoying an extra fun, super pink, Pinkaliciously exciting party:

1. A 3 Year Old Girl's Favorite Book - Pinkalicious

2. A Pinkalicious 3 Year Old Birthday Girl

3. Pinkalicious Decorating
4. The Reason for Pinkalicious - The Pinkalicious Cupcakes

5. Pinkalicious Birthday Singing and Candle Blowing

6. And Most Importantly....An Awesome Group of Pinkalicious Party Guests

***Below are a few Guests of Note***

The Knoblochs were "Best Dressed"...All Sporting "Adorable" Pink Attire

These 3 Guys - Their Pink Attire Helped Them to Feel the Pinkalicious "Love"

1 comment:

Kristi Marie Kahl Edwards said...

OH.....HOW FUN!!!!!
What a birthday theme!!! Looks like everyone had fun! :)

Hope to see you in few weeks...
Aunt Karolyn and I are singing in church in Inwood on Sunday morning, June 27th...Fun Bible School songs...would love to have Ty and Kenna there to help sing!!!
Love you guys and miss you!!
Auntie Kristi