Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Big Back Yard

We have really been enjoying our yard this spring/summer. The kids and I have even planted a vegetable garden that is growing like gang-busters! We are starting to be able to see the signs of the vegetables growing from the plants. YAHOO! We have been working hard, and are hoping for great results! Who would have thunk that this city girl could grow a garden?!
I am a little nervous about the potential state of the garden after being away for two weeks. So, I have decided to give you a glimpse of it now, in the event that it is struggling after my return.
Please join me on a tour of, Tour de Garden Kahl:

Welcome to our Back Yard

Entering the Back Yard

Love These Flowers

Full-View of the Garden - Against the Back Fence

Rhubarb and Cucumbers


Watermeleon - SD is supposed to be the Watermeleon Capital of the U.S.

Garlic and Tomatoes

Pumpkins and Rose Bush


Sunflowers to Line the Back of the Fence

And Finally....Our Baby Birds. They're Red Finches - So Cute!


Anonymous said...

lovin' the garden Amy! It will be so fun to eat your hard work! The kids must think it's fun to see how they all grow. Maybe one day I'll get my hands dirty in a garden - not this year though!

Anonymous said...

Where's a picture of Catty? You grew him this year too.

Renee K said...

Wow! Impressed I am! Can't wait to see it when we come visit in August.