Sunday, June 1, 2008

She's 2

Kenna Belle is 2 - well, not really until June 3rd - she doesn't know that though, so in our world the birthday party marked her 2 year birthday! Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts, Uncle, Cousins, and Travis Dahlke were all there to celebrate Miss Makenna's fun day.

This little girl brings so much spunk, love and life into our world. We have been so blessed by her, and she's only been here for 2 years. We cannot wait to see what more she brings to the lives of those around her in the future.

Thanks to our families and Trav for celebrating with us - Fishy Style!
Our 2 Year Old Girl
Grandmas Enjoying the Piggy Tails

Giggling with Cousin Brittney

Hammock Hog Pile on Auntie Elise

Fish Cake for the Fishy Birthday Party
Blowing Out the Birthday Candles

Watching "Kenna" Fish with Grandpa Ray


LauraJ said...

I was waiting for some pictures - FUN! The cake is awesome Amy - way to go! Love it!

Happy Birthday Kenna! She's a doll

Kristi Marie Kahl Edwards said...

Happy Birthday, you, Kenna, girl! Hope to see you soon!!

Love ya!
Auntie Kristi