Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Much More Than Hockey

Have you ever seen termites? Tiny, but mighty! I had never actually seen any - until a couple weekends ago. Brookings, SD held the 2010 Termite Fest! You may be asking yourself, "why would ANYONE ever hold a 'Fest' for termites?"

Alright - these weren't termite bugs, they were a herd of mini-mite hockey players. Though they were "mini", they certainly were mighty! 3 different towns (Luverne, MN, Brookings, SD, and Mitchell, SD), each brought several mini-mite teams to participate in an action-packed "Termite Fest" hockey tournament.

For my friend Heidi, and I - the tournment looked like this:

2 nights + 1 room + 2 moms + 3 hockey boys = ??? (you tell me what you think)....

2 nights + 1 room + 2 moms + 3 hockey boys = so much more than hockey!
Friendship, fun, team, sharing, laughing, winning, losing, disappoints, learning, goals, playing hard, basketball, and oh so much more! Another amazing memory for the memory books - for the boys AND the 2 moms.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. That is so cute. He is SUCH a hockey boy!!! You better keep that mini van in shape because you are now a forever hockey mom!!!!!!!
Auntie Kristy