Sunday, January 17, 2010

Game Day

His adreneline was high, and his excitement was contagious! It was a day for the record books....

Tyler's First Hockey Games - 2 of them in 1 day. He processed and imagined these games for days prior. The day started with a "high energy breakfast" by request of the athlete.

Game day "high energy" breakfast consisted of oatmeal, "Power Cereal", bacon, and smoothie. At the point that it was time to EAT the breakfast, he was too nervous....and ate NONE OF IT!

Tyler and his opponent race for the puck.

Tyler (#7) and Chase (#12) are ready!

We call these three "The Three Amigos" - Tyler and his buddies Landon and Chase

Tyler (yellow mouth guard) and Chase (blue mouth guard) seem to be coming up with their own game plan on the ice.

Waiting for ice time

Kenna and Rylie had fun hanging out in the stands - while cheering on their brothers!

Tyler Dives to Protect the Mini-Mite Goal. Goalie was his favorite position to play. He did a great job making saves!

There was a lot of action on the ice. Tyler's movin' in to take that puck!
Don't ask about the score - it wasn't pretty. The Mini-Mites have A LOT to learn, but their parents could not have had more fun watching them play!!!! They worked hard, and had intense amounts of fun. And at age 5 - that's all we ask for!
Maybe they would have been better off - drivng the Zamboni!


Charlie & Angie said...

I'm confused. You don't play hockey with an orange ball...
Good job on the ice, Tyler!

Kristi Marie Kahl Edwards said...

Great job, Tyler!!! Looks like you were very aggressive on the ice. I am sure Mom, Dad, and Kenna were proud...I am a proud great-auntie!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ty!!!!! I love your goalie save!
Auntie Kristy