Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life Lessons - As Learned at Pre-K

1. Inclusion vs. Exclusion
There's nothing better than making games with friends on the playground. Especially games, like "Secret Agents" - with code names: "Fish", "Agent Dog", etc. The agents jobs sound important - to chase the girls. It's all fun and games. Unless.....only some kids can be the agents, and the girls don't WANT to be chased.
The playground - a key place to learn life's lessons about friendship and relationships?
The lessons we're learning - (1)it's more fun to play games, when all kids have a role with the "agents". More agents will bring more fun, more friends, and more crime fighting. (2) respect. Some girls might not view themselves as the "bad guys". They may want to be treated more as "princesses" - rescued by the brave hereoins vs. chased down by the agents.
2. Girlfriends
I guess it's never too early to have a girlfriend. Who knew.
The lessons we're learning - Spoken directly from the teacher "We need to keep our hands to ourselves". YIKES!
3. Embarrassing Moments
Wearing your shorts backwards to's embarrassing.
The lesson we're learning - it's ok to laugh at yourself when you wear your shorts backwards to school. One time, mom wore two different colored shoes to work. When she laughed at did everyone else!
4. Leadership
Being the leader for the day has many perks. Leader of the line. Revealer of the weather. And much more, I am sure.
The lesson we're learning - being an leader has impact on others. The way we act and choices we make influences others....even when we wear our shorts backwards on the day we are a leader! :)

Lessons of life. They'll never stop. And for that, we are grateful. May we always find the lessons to be learned in our day to day activities. Without them, life would be boring!


Anonymous said...

Super cute! Oh yes, life lessons never stop.

Bonnie said...

so fun to read your blogg. You are awesome parents.

Renee K said...

Love it! As an aside, I also wore 2 different colored shoes to work - once on purpose (mismatch day) and once NOT on purpose (oops!)