Monday, September 28, 2009

Adults Can Act Crazy TOO!

Do you ever think to yourself, "I'm too old to act silly. I'm too old to let loose. I'm too old to REALLY have fun"? Do you? Do you ever think that???

In the event that you believe such things - we tested it out this past Saturday. And we're here to say....IT'S NOT TRUE!!!

26 adults left their children at home with babysitters to participate in a crazy game tournament at our house. There was silliness. There was competition. There was bantering. Best of all - there was lots and lots of laughter!

The evening began with huge game of extremely funny Blind Dodge Ball:
After everyone was warmed up and the ice was broken, the crew spent the rest of the evening tracking their scores as they rotated between 4 game stations. Scores were important as the evening ended with 1 winner and 1 Winner of Losers - coveted titles, desired by all.
Wii Boxing - Sweating, punching, and even some screaming

Mad Gab - Crazy Words and Crazy Laughter

Tower Building - Objective was to build the tallest tower that could support an egg: These gals had FUN building their tower

This group built a very nice looking tower...but it definitely was NOT tall

These guys went all the way. The tallest possible!

And finally, Spoons. Intense Competition. The claws came out in this game!


We have opted not to reveal the Winner or Loser of the tournament, as they would prefer to remain out of the media spotlight. You can make your own assumptions from the pictures you see above.

The night was a success. The proof was in the pudding - or - in the games. Adults CAN act silly/crazy and love every second they're doing it!

What are you going to do to let loose and have fun?!

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