Monday, August 24, 2009

Tyler's School Debut

Dear Teacher,
I am sending you my most precious possession today,
Trusting in your care what to do and say,
Be gentle and loving and encourage him too,
I'm trusting in you to know what to do,
Show him things and let him draw,
So he'll remember the things he saw,
Let him jump and run and play,
He'll tell us all about his day,
Let him do things on his own too,
But please help him when he looks up to you,
Give him a hug and smile a lot,
Memories of you will never be forgot.

A Loving Parent
By Renee H. Davis

Tyler's Excited Look - He IS READY!

This is Tyler's Hook - He Hung his Backpack There, Proudly

Tyler and Best Buddy Chase Are Ready to Tackle Pre-K - TOGETHER!

And a Little Something From Mrs. Nash for the Moms


Matt Thomas said...

CUTE! He is so grown up!

Bonnie said...

Amazing how quickly they grow up. A mom can hardly adjust?

Anonymous said...

Way to go buddy! We hope you had a GREAT day at pre-K!!! We love you

Jana said...

Crazy! I hope he (and you) had a wonderful day. See you at Grandpa's birthday?