Friday, August 7, 2009

Crocodile Dock

Where would a group of kids go to learn to shine their light for God? And, where would a group of kids go to learn to live fearlessly through the truths God has promised us?


We just came out of the Bayou after a week of Bayou adventure. We traveled with our Bayou pals Gator and Skeeter. Additionally, we ran into Moses each day and learned about the plans God had for him and the Israelites. These adventures taught us truths straight from God's word - God is With Us, God is Powerful, God Does What He Says He'll Do, God Cares for Us, and most importantly, God Gives us Life - always and forever!

God was moving and shaking at Crocodile Dock - not only in the hearts of the kids, but in the adults too. It was quite a week in the Bayou!

Crocodile Dock Set

The Volunteers - These Awesome Volunteers Served with Full and Joyful Hearts!
Setting Up Was Fun!

The Bayou Gal, Gator and Skeeter
Skeeter's Lookin' for a Birdie Friend

Skeeter Doesn't Catch a Bird, but She Goes Catch GATOR!

Kenna and Tyler with Skeeter

Teaching in the Bible Bayou - the Stories of Moses and the Israelites

Tyler Intently Listens and Learns

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