Monday, July 27, 2009

It's All Fun and Games in Good Ole Mitch

Last night, 11:30pm, we returned from our long weekend excursion in Minneapolis to this Mitchell house....our Mitchell house....
But something was not right. Aaron's car, that we had left in FRONT of the house, on THIS Mitchell street, OUR Mitchell street, was NOT in front of the house upon our return.
We left the car in front of our house, on our street, safe and sound, when we left Mitchell at 4pm on Wednesday, July 22.

At 11:30pm, on July 26, we concluded 2 options for the missing vehicle:
1. Someone decided to steal it
2. Someone towed it, as the street appeared to be refinished

As we walked up to our front door, we found this note stuck in the door:
Apparently someone placed this in our door sometime AFTER 4pm on Wednesday, July 22. Taking a closer look....
All cars were to be removed from the street by 7am on Thursday, July 23. Unfortunately the 12-15 hour notice, was not sufficient for our cicumstance - being we left out of town.
There was no note as to what happened to our car, where they took it, or how to go about finding it. That would have to be tomorrow's project.

BUT....luckily for us, at 11:35pm, as we pulled on to THIS Mitchell street:

We saw our car - the silver Saturn - in front of THIS random Mitchell house

**Please note, this was NOT our street, or our house. The street and house...completely random.**

The car did have a bright orange note:

Reading as follows:
Apparently in Mitchell, Police Tows must be similar to hide and seek. If you can find your car, you get to keep it!

Lucky us....we were the winners of this round! Good ole Mitchell. Always full of adventure!!!


Vicky & Brandon said...

I can't decide which is sillier -that the cops randomly dumped your car a couple blocks away without even telling you; or the fact that you captured all the magic of this story in photos! Either way; it made my morning!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been doing a great job of updating this Amy! I love reading all of your stories, you are great at writing. I am confused -- Kenna will hold a frog but cry when there is a bug?


Anonymous said...

No stinkin way! HILARIOUS!!!! Good ole Mitch!!!