Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Frog and It's Subjects

We found THIS absolutely adorable Tree Frog today. He was looking in at us through the window this morning. We couldn't resist spending the day with him. He found temporary housing in the bug house. We watched him spring and suction. Pretty schnazy little guy.

After we watched him for a while, it was time to take him out and give him some attention. Nothing like bringing out an amphibian to bring out some personality in people. 3 kids, 3 very different reactions:

1. Kenna LOVED Froggy. You can't tell as much here, but wanted to hold it and carry it around all the time. She was very gentle with Froggy.

2. Tyler - he liked Froggy ok. This was his only touch encounter with Froggy. After this, he just looked.

3. And Brittney....the picture says it ALL. This was an actual reaction I caught on camera.

Froggy was released back into his natural habitat this evening. We hope he had as much fun with us as we did with him!