Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Restaurant and Hotel

From the title, you may think we had a little weekend get away or took a trip. Though we are looking forward to that in the not-so-distant future, it is not the case at this current point in time.

Over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed offering our home as the Restaurant and Hotel - if you can really call it that! :)
On a Sunday evening in April, we formally opened Restaurante Kahl. The dining guests were served by our fine wait staff, hired special for this opening. Though trained ahead of time, there are still some service kinks that will need to be worked out - a.k.a stealing food off the guests plates while serving. This well rounded staff not only served, but also assisted in meal preparation, and eventually in guest entertainment, later in the evening. We thank our "guinea pig" guests for braving this kickoff evening of Restaurante Kahl. Pictures of the event can be viewed below.
Over the first weekend in May, we kicked off the 2nd phase of Kahl Guest Services, and opened the Hotel portion of our establishment. The guests to the hotel traveled all the way from Minneapolis, MN. Our belief is that Hotel Kahl proved to be a family friendly environment, offering a variety of enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities for these two families and their young children. Additionally, being located in Mitchell, SD, Hotel Kahl provides 10 minutes of enjoyment and awe with direct access to the WORLD's ONLY CORN PALACE!!! Pictures of the Hotel's opening can be viewed below.

We hope to see you join us at Restaurante Kahl and Hotel Kahl. Reservations are required.

Restaurante Kahl

Hotel Kahl

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Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! What a great idea. LOVE you new blog set up too!