Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to KNOW You've Had an Eventful Day

This week I started pondering....what does an eventful day really look like? As I processed through how one would determine what constitutes an eventful day, I decided it all lies in the amount of outfits one would wear in a day. The more outfits would seem to mean the more events.

Join me now on a recap of my journey of outfits on this day, April 16, 2009:

1. 8:30am - outfit #1 - thought to be the only outfit for the day
2. 12pm - outfit #2 - change needed due to Tyler rubbing his pizza face all over my pants
3. 2:30 pm - outfit #3 - change needed due to Kenna's poo pants leaking on my leg at dr. visit #3 of the week
4. 2:45pm - outfit #4 - change needed due to Kenna's projectile vomit after getting back in the car to head for IV fluids
5. 6pm - outfit #5 - change needed due to blood stain on left leg from IV spray and poo stain #2 on right leg from poo leak #2 of the day
6. 8pm - TIME FOR JAMMIES....I don't have anymore clean clothes and I'm plum tuckered out!

It's official....this WAS an EVENTFUL day!

Here's Miss Makenna. She is the one that has really had the eventful day/week. She has been sick with a kidney infection that has been kicking her butt. We finally went in for IV drips and IV meds today. She is now in the vertical position instead of horizontal which is a great improvement. We hope to see continued improvement tomorrow. Her IV remains in her arm until tomorrow (as seen above), when they will evaluate her condition and determine if we're all clear!


Matt Thomas said...

Poor baby (and Mommy!)Here's hoping for an uneventful day tomorrow!

Jana said...

What a DAY! I hope Kenna feels better soon. Glad to see she's in the vertical position.

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy, what an eventful week. I hope Kenna feels better really soon. We are looking forward to seeing you in two weeks. Annie, the kids and I are still on for coming to visit.