Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sending You Our Love

On this Day of Love, we send ours to YOU! We wish you a day full of many hugs and kisses. Not just from a sweetheart, not just from your kids or grandkids, but from anyone who loves and cares for you in your everyday life!

I hope you can feel our hugs and kisses to you...sending them via internet! YEAH for techonology. :)

With Much Love from the Kahls - XOXOXOXOXOXO


Matt and Molly said...

Happy V-Day Kahl's!!! I heard Hershey Kisses cure all ills. :)


Matt and Molly said...

Love to you all!!!

GgPa Vernie and Ggma Agnes said...

Happy Valentines Day
Great-grandpa Vernie
Great-grandma Agnes...
Hope Tyler's tonsils are better and Kenna's ears are all clear! We've been praying for all of you!

Kristi Marie Kahl said...

Great-Auntie Kristi wishes you all a happy's been a different Valentine's Day for me.
I feel your hugs and kisses.

LauraJ said...

You guys wouldn't have wanted our love on Valentine's Day, there would have been some weird bug attached to it! Anyway, cute picture and we are sending our love a bit late! Happy V-Day!

Now, where are those new pictures? You have been on such a roll lately - we hope you keep it up!