Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Productive Weekend

This past weekend Don and Lois came for Aaron's game, and decided to stay for the start and completion of the toy room transformation! We painted, pulled up some old pink carpet, put some burbur carpet down, hung new bamboo blinds, and hung some really cute wall decals. Other than a few small details, the toy room is ready for playing!

Thanks for all of your help, Don and Lois!

Here are some pics...come on over and play!


Matt and Molly said...

Cute! Love the blinds! Luke has been begging me to bring him back to Mitchell to play with Kenna and Tyler. We might need to make some plans for that! :)

Kristi Marie Kahl Edwards said...

Hope to come and play soon...
especially with the kitchen set.
Did everybody like the new balls? I should have bought one myself!!!

Go DWU!!

Pompom Hair Auntie Kristi
Pompom Auntie Kristi
Pompom Kristi

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to sleep in there.