Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Baby Grew Up

My baby girl isn't a baby anymore!!! Saturday was her big debut - into the big girl world.

Her first dance recital wowed us. She was glowing and beautiful, and danced like there was nothing to lose. A beautiful day for a beautiful girl.

Kenna, Hannah and Adelyn are ready to take the stage

After the recital, Emerson and Kenna were ready to head home!

Kenna and Hannah joyfully greet one another before the recital

Baby or big girl - we sure do love her!!! Watch out world - here she comes!


Kristi Marie Kahl Edwards said...

Oh, my Kenna!!! You look like a princess!!! Beautiful and so lady like. Love you! Auntie Kristi

Bonnie said...

beautiful little ballerina! I love pink!