Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spreadin' the Christmas Love

That Christmas love that you see above....that was real Christmas love shared over and over and over during our Christmas festivitives! It was an amazing Christmas. We are so blessed by our families. Most of all though, we are blessed to be loved by Christ - the reason we celebrate this awesome season! His love and grace fill our hearts and souls beyond our comprehension. What a truly amazing gift. We are so blessed!

Look what I found in my parent's basement!!! It's my ski pants and coat from jr. high. Don't I look like hot stuff?!!! Still kept me dry while I played outside - I can handle embarrassing colorfullness in front of the neighbors, if it means I get to play outside with the fam!!!
And, here is what I got to do while wearing the "Hot Suit" - Frosty loved me for who I was, even if I was stuck in the 90's!


Matt and Molly said...

Cute new pics! I wish they could be enlarged though when you click on them. The kiddos look so cute!! I must say that I DO remember you wearing that snowsuit! Ha ha!!

Renee K said...

I had that same coat!!! I even think that it may be hanging out in my parents' closet. One day, I will have to wear it in public again too (-: