Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Updates

We love fall!!! There are so many fun things going on in the fall - football, volleyball and soccer games, apple picking, activities starting up, trees changing into beautiful colors, and the weather is amazing!

A couple weeks ago, we enjoyed the visit of some great friends - the Whickers. We were able to participate in a few fun fall activities together with the Whickers. It was a blast, and we were so blessed to have them come visit us!

Tyler is old enough to start in on some activities of his own this fall. He started taking a tumbling class - which he LOVES, and started going to AWANA, a Wednesday night church activity. It is so much fun to watch him in his classes - I can hardly believe he is old enough....

As a family, we went apple apple picking! Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery right when we got there, so I have no pictures. Next year!

Here are a few pictures of some of our fall events, thus far. There's still a lot of fall left...stay tuned for more fall fun!

Tyler and Isaac are suited up for a game of football

Go Vikes! Go Hawks!

The Whicker Kids and Kahl Kids picking out some pumpkins at a SD farm

Tyler's tumbling class

Wow - look at that form! ;)

Tyler walking the rainbow beam

Great job, buddy!

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Anonymous said...

Tyler, you are such a great tumbler in gymnastics class!!! Way to go, buddy!!!