Monday, August 11, 2008

A Weekend to Remember

What happens when you put 6 kids (ages 4 and under) + 4 mommies in one house for 4.5 days????

Memories memories memories!!!!

We sure missed our friend Mackenzie and new baby Norse, and really hope that they can join us on the next action packed time together!

To see some highlights of the memories we built this weekend, see below...

Quotes of note:

Tyler, Kenna and Peter to Matthias - "Matthias wears diapers - Matthias wears diapers - Matthias wears diapers!!!!!" over and over and over
Tyler to all "BUT, only at night guys"
***Funniest part - Makenna and Peter have diapers too***

Matthias to the diaper taunting threesome - "Guys, give me some PRVIATES!"
Allison to Matthias - "Do you mean Pri-vacy?"
Matthias to the diaper taunting threesome - "OH - GUYS, give me some PRI-VACY!"

Tyler to Laura - "Is Annie 4 and a half?"
Laura to Tyler - "No, she is only 4."
Tyler to Laura - "Oh, because she is really tall"

Allison to Mommies (after we saw the American gymnastics team how another big error - "SEE...this is why I HATE the Olympics!"
Molly to Mommies (after we saw the American men's 4x100 Swim Team Win the Gold - "SEE...this is why I LOVE the Olympics!"

Molly, Allison and Laura to Amy (They are all in the living room watching TV and I am in the kitchen getting dinner ready) - "Amy, where is the black remote?"
Amy to Molly, Allison and Laura - "Um.....I don't know"
What I am really thinking, "I'm not coming in there to find the remotes for you lazy bums. Get off the couch and find it yourself!"

Me at 6am this morning (after running face first/SMACK into her CLOSED bedroom door because my eyes were still closed) - "AGH! UGFH! SLDIEHSL!!!@ EEEE!!"

Oh, I could go on and on, but it's probably not as funny to you, as it is to us!

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LauraJ said...

Love, love, love it!! Thanks for posting this all - I think it is hilarious!

We had so much fun - thanks for hosting! It was perfect!