Monday, March 31, 2008


This past Friday night we had a night filled with laughter and fun! Our church hosted an all-church event - Festivus! This was an adult-only evening, and consisted of a great dinner, followed up with a hilarious program and topped off with scrumcious dessert.

For this year's program, the planning committee put together an 8 member team of celebrities from the past. These 8 celebrities were divided into 2 teams of 4, to play on a game show, hosted by none other than Drew Carey. The game show was Guesstures, acted out by our pastors. The celberties were the guessors.

The teams consisted of the following:

Team 1:
Lucille Ball

Team 2:
Cindy Lauper

The winners - Team 2. This evening was FULL OF LAUGHS! I have not laughed this hard in quite some time. GREAT TIMES!!!!

Erkel, Cher, Lucille Ball, Cindy Lauper - In the Dressing Room Before The Show

Lucy and Cher

Sonny and Cher

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