Thursday, November 29, 2007

Learning Lefse

Aaron's Grandma Agnes has created a legacy in the Kahl family - she is a master lefse maker. Masterfully rolled into large, fine, thin lefse circles. Cooked to perfection on each side, and with a taste that melts in your mouth. MMMMMMM!!!!

This year, on the day after Thanksgiving, Lois and Elise allowed me to learn about lefse making, as we worked together to attempt lefse that would be even half as wonderful as Grandma Agnes' lefse. It was an adventure!!! I still have a lot of learning to do, but the end product sure is worth it. YUM!!!

This is after a little too much Lefse-making!!!!


California Aunt Kristi said...

Yummy!!! Will I get to taste your lefse at Christmas time? Can't wait!!

LauraJ said...

Okay - the cooking looks really fun...but I bet you have more fun pictures to post - right? :)

LauraJ said...

Maybe I will start leaving harassing comments every day till we get some festive pictures :)