Friday, October 26, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

There are many awesome things about living in South Dakota. It is filled with a lot of history. Last weekend, my family came to visit, and we ventured to De Smet, SD, home of the Ingalls Family. Contrary to what many of us have learned from the TV show, the Ingalls family, spent most of their lives in De Smet, SD, not Walnut Grove, MN. We had an awesome time learning all about the actual adventures and life of the Ingalls family, and all left wanting to read all of Laura's books right now! Check out some of what we saw....

This is the actual schoolhouse that the Ingalls children went to school at.
Kenna is sitting in front of a replica of the first schoolhouse Laura taught in.

These kids could not understand that THIS was the way that people got places...not in cars.

This is my favorite...Prairie Kids - Laura, Grace, and Willie - That's who they thought they were

More history to come in the next couple weeks. We are headed out to "The Hills" - kind of like of Minnesotans say "The Cities" - next weekend for Aaron's first basketball tournament.


Matthew said...

Cute new pics! Looks like it was a fun day!!! I'm excited that you are going to have a blog again! You might want to change your settings so that it will allow anonymous comments.
Molly :) (T minus 9 days!)

LauraJ said...

Way to go with the blog! Keep it updated - we love seeing the pictures. And I love the Little House on the Prarie books -they rock. :)